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Insa Shipping Services Limited (INSA SSL) is a professional “one-stop shop” of quality forwarding services which aim at proper movement of customers freight globally.  With over 50 years combined experience in customs brokerage, freight forwarding and logistics services, at INSA SSL we offer solutions that organize, coordinate and consolidate cargo ensuring speedy delivery to all our clients. We demonstrate and deliver service excellence thus guaranteeing added value to your bottom line.
With 30 years cumulative experience in shipping, we work as a team with clients and other supply chain service providers  to identify economic, yet regulatory compliant, options for deciding logistics solutions.
Ian Angeron

—Ian Angeron has over thirty years combined experience in the customs brokerage and freight forwarding fields.  Having gained his experience with Charles A. Phipps which ceased operations in July 2004, he has continued servicing all its clients through Insa Shipping Services Ltd.  Ian is key to customs interface in ensuring on-time delivery of goods to clients.

Roseline Poon

—Roseline Poon has over twenty years experience in market research, administration and marketing and has completed an MBA in Project Management from Henley College of Management UK. She is also instrumental in customer relations management and freight forwarding services.  


"Professional, reassuring and committed."

Derek Lawrence, Insepra Ltd

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